Konica Minolta requires all new hires to be fully compliant with Konica Minolta's Mandatory Vaccination Policy, subject to any approved reasonable accommodation for medical, disability, religious reasons, or other exemption available under state or local laws; applications for such accommodations must be made only after an offer of employment.

Equity & Inclusion

Diverse Office

Accelerating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Meaningful Progress

Konica Minolta strives to be a model corporate citizen, and we are making strides to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion with meaningful progress. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments span our talent practices, the ways in which we interact with clients, as well as the value we deliver within the communities we serve.

  • Developing an agile, skilled, high performing workforce that is reflective of the diverse global marketplace
  • Fostering an inclusive culture that embraces our differences and encourages innovation to accelerate growth
  • Cultivating relationships with community organizations to signify our commitment to corporate citizenship

A Culture of Inclusion & Belonging

Inclusion is a core value at Konica Minolta; along with collaboration, passion, accountability, honesty, customer centricity, and innovation. When employees feel as though they belong, when they can express an unpopular opinion without fear or intimidation, when they believe fairness is baked into our people processes, the potential is limitless.

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Activating Accountability

We hold ourselves accountable to our inclusion commitments by:

  • Reviewing and improving our talent practices, including hiring, development, promotion, performance management, and compensation, to ensure equality for all employees
  • Establishing goals for gender parity by function
  • Amplifying the voice of our employees with robust and supportive business resource groups
  • Implementing voluntary inclusion learning for all US employees
  • Conducting ongoing employee sentiment research to measure and validate action plans
  • Adjusting our company holiday calendar to include paid floating days that enable employees to observe holidays that are meaningful to them; Adding Juneteenth to the holiday calendar in direct response to employee feedback and to deepen our commitment to racial justice .
  • Offering a platform for DEI programming that celebrates difference and showcases our vibrant culture
  • Activating our employees to volunteer in the communities we serve
  • Creating transparency on our progress by measuring and reporting on diversity results

Business Resource Groups

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are an important component of the DEI strategy at Konica Minolta. Our BRGs are self-led groups composed of individuals who come together based on similar interests or experiences to cultivate a culture of belonging. BRG participation is voluntary and open to all employees who are interested in and support the objectives of the BRG, regardless of their origin or background. We currently have 3 BRGs:

  • Step Forward: Step Forward is dedicated to the development and advancement of women at Konica Minolta. It offers learning opportunities, networking, peer to peer mentoring, and community giving to increase female representation and equity in the achievement of professional excellence.
  • Vibrant: Vibrant seeks to foster a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies within Konica Minolta. The group serves the needs of all facets of the LGBTQ+ community, while also striving to further LGBTQ+ equality within society at large.
  • Ramsey Site Council: The Ramsey site council is focused on improving the culture and quality of work life at our corporate headquarters in Ramsey, New Jersey. This team is focused on all facets of the employee experience, including employee events, technology training, wellness and more!

At Konica Minolta, inclusion and innovation go hand in hand.

We value the unique perspectives and experiences of every employee, and we are working hard to ensure Konica Minolta is a welcoming and rewarding place to work for people of all identities and backgrounds.

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