Konica Minolta requires all new hires to be fully compliant with Konica Minolta's Mandatory Vaccination Policy, subject to any approved reasonable accommodation for medical, disability, religious reasons, or other exemption available under state or local laws; applications for such accommodations must be made only after an offer of employment.

& Development

People working in an office.

Regardless of the talent area you work within -- be it Information Technology, Sales, or Marketing -- the power is yours at Konica Minolta. Our programs empower and inspire team members to personalize their career journey and build the portfolio of value they bring to the table by building skills, gaining experience, and learning new things through a number of different areas.

Whether you want to go deep into your craft as a subject matter expert, or you want to expand your skill set by moving around and trying something new, Konica Minolta is committed to offering candidates unparalleled career growth.

At Konica Minolta, we’re all about inspiring our people. This is why we are continuously allocating resources that shape leaders to get the very best from their teams. Our dedicated programs provide in depth knowledge and tools for executives, managers and professionals.

Current offerings align with business goals and strategy to meet learning needs for today and the future. Team members at every level are encouraged to take advantage of our premier digital content to support their individual learning path.

Learnings that Encourage

Talent Development

Konica Minolta’s approach to performance management and talent development is grounded on actively including both employees and managers in the process. We encourage on-going, two way dialogue and feedback in support of employees realizing their performance goals and provide the technology to help facilitate these exchanges. We strongly believe that employees own their career. We strive to make Konica Minolta a company where employees can thrive and achieve success.


Reinventing the way we learn and communicate together! Konica Minolta employees can tap into this social collaboration solution that allows for communication and learning from one another. JAM is designed to facilitate creativity, energy, spontaneity, and teamwork for our global organization by bringing together our people, information, applications, and processes.

Learning for Leaders

Konica Minolta Leadership Academy

We embrace the importance of adopting the mindset and skills required to lead projects and people in innovative ways. Konica Minolta's Leadership Academy is a forum for employees across the organization to exchange ideas as they develop the business acumen, strategic thinking and agility required to respond to their teams and customers in an effective way.

Executive Development

The Leadership Academy is designed to help our leaders develop the skills needed to support Konica Minolta’s Digital Transformation strategy. We partner with the world’s top business schools to deliver career-enhancing programs for leaders and provide meaningful impact for the entire organization.

Learning Pathways

With traditional learning journeys, customized pathways, and "snackable" content, we offer employees the on-demand learning needed to thrive in an ever-changing world of work.

Quotes from our Graduates

Bradley Pierce
Not only is ‘Launch Into Leadership’ helping me, it is also helping my manager provide feedback and direction.”
Bradley Pierce
John Lechner
Where I see the value of ‘Launch Into Leadership’, is that it allows me to take a step back and look at what our Leadership’s strategies and goals are so that I can align my activities in a more productive way.”
John Lechner

Learning for Individual Growth & Development

Konica Minolta Learning

Find a diverse array of growth and development opportunities within our world-class learning platform, including online learning, virtual events, and instructor-led training. Team members can monitor learning assignments and achievements, as well as find courses on specific topics.


eBook or audiobook? Market Trends, Professional Growth or Personal Development? Bookshelf offers a digital library of hundreds of titles to "check out" and explore.

Gamification of Learning

We leverage a next-gen employee engagement and performance platform that incorporates advanced gamification, personalized microlearning, and simulations to build skills and accelerate performance outcomes.


Playbooks provide a repository of rich media learning assets about sales best practices in specific vertical markets including Legal, Healthcare, Government, Education, and Graphic Communications-Industrial Print. They provide abundant tools from one centralized platform to support all phases of the sales cycle from inception to close. Employees can access playbooks from their computer or mobile device for just-in-time sales support.

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